Silver Scissors Barber Shop & Hairstyling Services

Barber Shop

Our shop invites people from all over with our friendly and quick service. We offer all sorts of cuts and our affordable prices leave you feeling like a million bucks without having to spend a million bucks.

Our barber shop has all the latest in barber technology and we specialize in any type of hair. We offer any type of haircut whether you just want a trim or you want a complex fade, like they always say “we got you fam”.


When you are tired of your facial hair, we provide clean shaves. We look to be the local barber shop that have you coming to our shop for a shave and a reliable cut.

We understand the importance of genuine shaves and how crucial it is to have a good shave and we work towards providing the best hot towel shave for you.

Hair Colors

We offer top of line hair coloring to give you the stylish look. Our affordable products take care of your hair while giving you the ability to color your hair any way you want whether you want a simple recoloring or a new look.

We offer a variety of products catered to your hair and whatever style you’re into. All of our products are guaranteed and used by the fellow stylists to make sure you are happy with your look.

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